Average Cost of Formula 1 Car for 2017 season


Average cost of formula 1 car

Have you ever wondered how much a formula 1 Car costs? Here we are going to analyze and present full report of Formula 1 team and Cost of Car. Average teams  like Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull spend average of 320 million USD per year. This involves of Car Cost, Team management cost, driver cost and other small extra costs.Other small teams spend almost 70 million USD per month at same mere.so it all matters , how a team can bear per year cost.

Average cost of formula 1 car

Here we are going to dig only in the Car manufacturing cost and we will elaborate all the costs of every major part of formula 1 Car.

Major Components Cost Per Unit
Engine Unit $8.0 Million
Carbon fibre monocoque $675,000 per chassis
Front wing & nose cone $170,000
Rear wing & DRS overtaking aid $82,000
Steering wheel $50,000
Fuel tank plus assembly $110,000
Hydraulics $165,000
Gearbox $490,000
Cooling system $160,000
Total Cost Almost 950 million USD


Above is the average cost of formula 1 Car components. This cost does not include other expenses.To put formula 1 car on the track, there are so many other expenses which a company needs to bear.Below, we will discuss in details about other expenses of formula 1 car for full season.

The Engine Cost of formula 1 Car

Average price of engine for every team is 8 to 10 million USD. This is the main and special part for which , team has to spend more and more money to be in excellent.Companies like, mercedes and Ferrari buy their engine from japan. F1 has changed its rule about engines in 2014 and then we have 1.6 liter turbo charged v6 engine, and after that, teams spent almost 14 million USD on their customized engines.

Tyres of Formula 1 Car

The main components of formula 1 car are┬átheir tyres. Drivers mostly depend on their car’s tyres. An Italian Company named “Pirelli”. THe spokes person of Pirelli once told that they spend more budget on providing tyres to formula 1 teams than the low profiled average budget of full season.

Fuel Cost of Formula 1 Car

On average, every team uses 200,000 liters of petrol per year which costs almost 450,000 USD to every team.

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